History can not repeat

February 15, 2017

I sit in history class and think what if I were there
Would I change the horrible things the U.S did
But then I think and I can't change history
I can only change today and tomorrow.
I can only be a voice for my generation
Seven countries can’t come to the U.S.
Including people with green cards.
Seven Muslim majority nations
This order is to keep Americans “safe”
They say we are the victims of Isis because of the 9/11 attack
but Muslim people by far are the largest victims of ISIS
I will not let a man who doesn't even know our history ,
Who seem to not know the America was build on our backs. The sweat and pain my ancestors had to go thru because their main pull factor was to find opportunities, to seek jobs and now you’re saying we're taking them all. I will not let anyone treat anybody differently because of their ethnicity,  culture or religion.
I will not let racism happen again.
Not in my city, not in my country, not in my world.
They say history repeats but WE THE PEOPLE
will not let it repeat.

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