Will You Come Surrender?

February 15, 2017

I watched as shards of glass fell from the sky.

I had ran for cover but I didn't make it in time.

And as the shattered precipitation had fallen,

there was a burning sensation along my spine.

As I watched the people tear away like loose stitches

on an old knitted sweater that you had never worn.

People had started wars over words that stung like thorns.

And I questioned my sanity as I pinched my cheek,

is this truly real, living in a world where we are all enemies?

I am sick of the hatred and can't stand these lies.

For, we should make peace and leave all of this behind.

No one is asking you to forget, but forgiveness is king.

Stop pitying yourself as a peasant and come be free.

Because there is always a truce waiting to come

from the glory of your outstretched hand. 

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