Lets Taco-bout Love

February 15, 2017
By Morgen_M SILVER, River Grove, Illinois
Morgen_M SILVER, River Grove, Illinois
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A true love is not very hard to find

Twas found last Monday on a paper plate

With cilantro and onions on my mind

I found my forever while on a date


Corn tortillas, chopped steak, and salsa please

A love contained by a hard taco shell

This love, my love, put my mind at great ease

I cannot resist your lingering smell


My heart began beating and made me think

That you my love, you would taste so divine

I engulfed your flavor without a blink

I'm happy that I got to call you mine


I'll never find anyone quite like you

I just wanted to say I love you too

The author's comments:

I was prompted to write a love sonnet and decided to write it about my favorite food.

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