The Safety Net

February 22, 2017

How long did I live in the confines of my safety net?
Wrangling in the strings that did not want
To be burdened by the strain of my unwound cassettes
Replaying the tunes that my past did haunt.

It held me buoyantly, until it suddenly learned
That I could not heal in its careful caress.
So it watched me fall, incapably taciturn
My body, my love, and this secret it kept.

I still feel myself spinning from the sudden decline,
My stomach whirling around like a washing machine.
I wonder, who now, it holds in its confines.
I wonder what it'd be like if it still were me.

The day that you dropped me, your eyes did crease,
In a way so much different than the day that we met.
It was a stupefied pity, a sigh of release
You never flinched when my body hit the cold hard cement.

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