Chasing The Moon To Get To You

February 22, 2017
By lpopps1524 BRONZE, Amherst, New York
lpopps1524 BRONZE, Amherst, New York
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Love Yourz

I just got to say
Me and you are like night and day
I don't mean that in a bad way
Like I need you, you need me
Otherwise it'd be a catastrophe
I see us like a puzzle
Want to be a couple that can cuddle through the trouble
I dream about sitting with you in your favorite spot
But to me anywhere we're together is a perfect plot
Because a treasure you are
Because you're a galaxy and I'm a mere star
Without you I'm nothing
To get to you I'll be running, cutting and ducking
If you need me it's not a discussion
I'm coming
It's not just because you're stunning
You're everything to me
I'd tell you but i dont know if you'd agree
I couldn't deal with the debris
Everything flying at me like it's in 3D
You help me when life gets tough
But if you were the cause it'd be too rough
Sorry about this soft stuff
I never thought I'd be the one to breakdown
I just pray you'll be around
What would the sun do without the moon
Its purpose would pop like a balloon
What would a plant be without soil and water
It'd probably spoil and die like from manslaughter
You're everything to me I hope you know
I see you and frankly I'm like woah
You're special beyond what you show
Everyday I see something new
That's how my love for you grew
Im just searching for a way to get to you

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