Muted Voice

February 21, 2017
By , Compton, CA

Hello simple good bye.The day started off nice; the simple breeze running through my hair and the whiff of the autumn scent filling in with many different scents. The pumpkin scent, fresh grilled corn of the grill, and the view of family and friends. But yet my family seems so far away, something and someone that I cant find. Its hard to continue with many but I guess I will never reach it until time reaches. The sight of families together makes me feel furious, disturbed, and emotional.It reminds me of my real family, the one that I loved and the one that was there.Some moments in my life cant change, but I know some will when I'm ready to make that final step. I wish they were here, instead of imaginative, instead of a spirit. The loneliness has caught up with me and my soul. Why is it so far away? Why do some never change? Why is life always the punishment for happiness?

Everything had left from my grasp and the only thing that had survivived was...NOTHING

Don't let me go...

Lost and afraid in darkness and sunshine

I will never know why

My voice is muted no matter how much i strain and force my voice to speak 

You had already watched me go

Drowning and drowned in a bottomless lifeless pitt of nothing 

My voice is no longer being strained 

Your voice had spoken: You fool...

Over and over again

I said good-bye

You watched my go

You watched me die

You said:A good-bye would have been nice,but not a simple glimpse

I said: You fool... I am not there 

Its too late

Too late for anything

To be changed and morphed into something I will never go back to

I do not forgive and never will

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