Waves of Grass

February 21, 2017
By , Wilmington, VT

You saw me

In the
         And stars
But my weeping wrists
  Of gold turned you

Sun    sets
Moon   rises
Eyes a river

Call of the 4 

           DEA DLY
And awaken the reaper
To reap
What he sows

In the fields of Elysium
    I saw
In the earth
The Air
          The fires raging
In the waters of souls devoured
By your whisper

You loved me not
                For who I was
But a simple
    Purgatorial wraith
Caught in a mouse trap    laid
By you

Suicidal swan
             Turned ugly duckling
A leap of faith
In the eyes of the eagle
                     Splashing waters
A pierce   ing
Of the
      SC YTH

Free at last
But     are you
       Happy now?

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