Ode to Him

February 21, 2017
By LindseyJB BRONZE, Basking Ridge, New Jersey
LindseyJB BRONZE, Basking Ridge, New Jersey
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Perfectly imperfect
A reason to waste time
A pocket full of pennies
He seems to be the dime

His face is incomparable
His smile makes you blush
His cheeks are soft with dimples
His hair so full and lush

Everyone says he’s nice
Everyone says he’s one to keep in mind
Everyone wants to be with him
He must be one-of-a-kind

If everyone says he’s something
It’s not like it’s not true…
But I guess you didn’t see the kid
Whose eye he turned black and blue

He’s golden and untarnished
He’s what all the talks about
But I guess you didn’t hear…
about the kid who he knocked out

What about the girl
A girl he liked a lot
He threw her away like garbage
into something she is not

Point is,
Someone is out there for you
Whether it’s now or later
You will get a clue

Just because you’re a late bloomer
Or have problems with some things
Doesn’t mean he won’t see
The good that you bring

Do not go for looks
They will trick you oh so fast
Focus on the middle
The huge heart that he has

Do not follow others
You won’t succeed or win
Be your own true person…
Or face the consequence of Him.

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