The Golden Remedy

February 21, 2017
By Anonymous

The end is near,

I really fear,

that we will not make it.


I've been called to go,

both to and fro,

to try and mend the split.


What I don't understand,

is why we can't band

together to help out one another.


Look to the left

that is no theft

no sir, that is your brother.


What the world needs

is more good deeds,

for a world with more smiles.


We could have laughter and joy,

for every girl and boy,

and happiness for miles.


But what we feel

is scarily real

and divides us like nothing else could.


And in response

to the jealous taunts

comes much harm but absolutely no good.


And so for sure,

we must procure,

the golden remedy for all,


Understanding and acceptance,

sympathy and tolerance,

so united we can stand tall.

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