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Black Years

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We're wrapped in chains shackled down by men
We're being hanged for the color of our skin
Let us be free that's all we plead
The white man said we're his property

They make me take this literacy test
Got me out here stressed
All I want to do is vote for the best
But I gotta go through so many steps

Things haven't changed it still the same
We plead for equality, but we're beaten in vein
Let us go through the front door
Please stop calling my momma a whore

You see something white in my brother's hands
You think he's one of them selling crack by the stands
The first thing you do is falsely accuse
My brother's trying to stand but he's being abused

Election night I see my people exercising their right
Trying to make sure we take our place in our house tonight
We all believe this would be the start of something good
I hear our voices rejoice it's the man from the hood

My brothers and sisters are dying in these streets
Nothings going to change with this cheeto in the seat
Everything's going backwards we're crying out with fear
What's gonna happen these next four years

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