How Could You Love Him?

February 15, 2017
By Anonymous

You say you "love" them.

How could you "love" them if you dont even know what love is.

Does it eat you at night?

When you realize how much you have hurt others by doing it?

Probably not...

Does it make you feel terrible?

When something happens to them and you cant do a single ---- thing to help them?

The way they kiss you isn't original.

I promise that

They grabbed my face before.

Just like they have with you

And they kissed me so deeply

I prayed every day i'd get sucked into a black hole

For it to never end

I hoped my lips would come out pinker than before

Like they always did when i bit them

Every dreak you have of their face

Does it bring thoughts?

Thoughts that are endless and you cant control them.

No matter how hard you try...

Can you describe to me the way their hair

...Their ---- hair...

How it falls in their face

Or can you tell people that when it does fall in their face

How you moved the hair away

Just to look into those baby blues?

Can you tell me in detail how they sleep?

With their head laying on yours

And their arms so tightly around you

That sometime you forget that the only movements between you two

Is just the single breaths you take

And you breath so lightly in fear that it'll wake them up

When they swear up and down that every time they close there eyes

They see you

Do you know what its like to be ripped away from someone you "love?''

Because i do

I know that the moment i was ripped away

With the hands of someone more powerful than I

They lost control

Because every thought of me killed them

Or so they told me

Have you ever thought that maybe they want you so bad

Is because your every movement copies mine

This is a story about being selfish

And not thinking about how others

Because all you saw was another one on your little list of lies

Do they know what it's like to hold you when you cry

Or how every tear is heavier is heavier than before

Because you know what's coming

...and you do too.

You warned them

And every time they said it wasn't going to happen

How could it happen if you hearts were super glued to a bulletin for the whole world to see?

They scream we are in this together

Do you understand the pieces that fell from my heart

When i had to find out the hard way

By walking past you and them sitting together in a hallway

Where more girls hearts have been broken

Than the brinks that make up the walls

You were laying so close to them in something that wasnt even yours

You dont see the flaws in your love

Everyone around you loved them, too

Your best friend

Your sister

Your family...

I do not use the word ''family'' lightly

Because if i did

It wouldnt mean a ---- thing

Maybe when you are ripped away

You will realize how i feel

And maybe you do love him

But i promise you that everyone around you knows your love for them is flawed

Because love doesnt shrink your world

It makes you see the farthest reaches of the desert

When you are so dehydrated

That you are hallucinating

Love makes you want to dance down an empty street when no one is watching

Love makes you wish you were sucked into a black hole...

Not inviting anyone else to your location

There is more i want to tell of my story

About hands and ears..

And even little tiny bears...

On fifty cent roses

But ill end with this

I do not feel like love is the way i would describe them anymore

Not to me

The word tolerate

And change

I do not love them

Stay with them

And be "happy" with your "love"

And ill be happy with mine

But again i say nonregretfully

Love hurts

Have you ever been hurt?

How could you love

When you dont even know what love is...

The author's comments:

I wrote this about my best friend and my ex getting together. When i wrote it, it was four in the morning and i couldnt sleep because they made me feel like complete ---- for being upset that they stabbed me in the back. I wish them the best of luck when they go to ---- together.

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