Peace in a Lost Mind

February 15, 2017
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I was on a ship sailing the sea,
a plane cutting the sky,
a beam of light through fog.
I went under the deck. Looked away from the window. Dove to the ground.
There were no fish in the sea,
no clouds in the sky,
no shapes in the fog.
So I hid my head, and wished for,
A glimpse of a wave,
or a gliding bird,
anything to tell me where I was.
I am in my head, but also at sea and sky and land.
Lost in myself, I looked for a light, a shore, a horizon
But it was okay
The fog became my friend, the sea an old acquaintance, and the sky a freedom.
Time eased the worry, and we became a merry trio, sky, sea, and fog.
Not a landmark existed, only the infiniteness of my mind remained.

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