February 15, 2017
By , Allentown, PA

Hi my name is Crazy!!! I like to party and make noise. What about you? I don't have many friends because if you touch me, you go insane. You get an immediate adrenaline rush. I sometimies hang out with Anxiety, Loneliness, and rarely Joy. I don't really hangout with Joy because we don't get along anymore. One time back in grade school Joy and I were close friends but then the bullys like Anger and his buddy Rude would pick on Joy because he hanged out with me and Joy blamed it on me so we drifted apart. Anyway, if you see me you will immediately recognize me because I am full of vibrant colors and I have a tornado swirling around my body. Also i cast more than one shadow because one time I had an incident with Delusion and Hallucination, they were both very strong opponents but i came out victorious and for that they cursed me with more than one shadow and a tornado swirling around me forever so other qualites would be scared of me and not come near me. The End

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