Who Is Pain?

February 15, 2017
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Pain has frightened brown eyes. She is short and childish. Pain has no hair and is very pale. She wanders the hallwyas with her toremented and cloudy mind. Pain cries our for help, but no one hears. Pain is constantly waiting for the end. She is always laying down in her bed, surrounded by beeps and pings, wires and needles. Pain has multiple mother and fathers, the nurses and doctors, who love her and keep her safe. Her legs are coninuously trembling with fear and hatred for this illness, Pain has canecer. It's eating her from inside. She fights everyday to survive this torement. However, Pain ceases to fufil her goals of being a chilf again. Being with her friends again. Now shes with the angels in paradise. In peace. Her suffering has finally ended.

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