The sin of Envy

February 15, 2017
By , Allentown, PA

Envy was never pretty, or popular. She was mainly bullied for her looks. She diden't have many friends because of this. She was lonely. At school, Pride was the only person that would speak to her, but she only did that to make herself look better. Everyone felt bad for her, but they did nothing.


Envy had long black hair and dark brown eyes. She was tall, skinny and had pale skin. She also had many scars all over her body. She got them from a car accedent that killed her parents. At times she diden't look human. She mainly looked like a ghost.


If you run into her in the streets, you'll see her and her friends, Despair, Sadness, and Anxiety. Together, their the worst feeling you can have. Thats why she can destory you.

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