what is LOVE

February 15, 2017
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Love is a unique little thing with her long brown hair with pink streaks.

She is a living firecracker.

She is always finding positive things to say.

She illuminates the room when she walks in. 

She makes you feel lke you are the only perosn in the world. 

She smells like vanilla and cherry blossoms.

(When she hugs you its like hugging a teddybear and somehow you lose track of time and its just you and her.)

She has such a gentle, quiet voice.

When she talks its like being in a dream.

If she was a food,I bet she would taste like strawberries.Not just anytype of strawberries ,but choclate covered strawberries.

I know im making her sound amazing but love has her bad side to but its so worth it . 

Have you ever seen her?

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