My First Love

February 15, 2017
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Getting up at 7 a.m. to walk you is a pain.
I am sleeping on a soft cloud,
Dreaming of being free as a bird,
Eating unhealthy amounts of pizza and chocolate.
I have to stop being warmed by my tall giant,
And tell him it's time to walk you.
When it's snowing, I walk you.
When it's raining, I walk you.
My hands get frozen because of my anemia, I still walk you.
Getting up at 7 a.m. to walk you is a pain.

You are my first love.
I searched for weeks to find you in the unknown land of codes and http://(s),
My eyes were only for you.
I came to you in a rush as Cinderella would at the stroke of midnight.
I walked in with my spirits touching the nighttime sky,
But you wouldn't move.
I saw you with your tail tucked under and your face afraid you were going to be hurt again.
I will NEVER hurt you as others did.
You are safe with me, my love, you are safe.
I slowly walked over to you as the crowd watched,
And you let me sit next to you.
My father said no, he said you were too shy.
I disagreed, you were perfect. You are perfect.
You are my first love.

You hate everyone.
I brought you home and all was going well.
Still timid, but blooming as a flower in the spring time.
Every friend I brought to you, you scuffed at.
Only I was allowed to sit with you.
Only I was allowed to stroke your soft fur.
Only I was allowed to call you and have you obey.
It was only you and me.
You don't say a word, not a single type.
A mouse makes more noise than you.
You don't like your food and rather be eating Potbelly with me and my tall giant.
You don't like plastic toys they have to be as fluffy as you.
The mornings are the worst when you hide my hideous gray skirt,
To ensure you have a few more moments with me.
You hate everyone.

You are my first child.
You saw I loved the tall giant and you began to too.
Now you let him sit on our bed, but never too much.
You love those who protect me, you love them for me.
You sleep with me every night, no matter the day or time.
When I am scared the monsters will want to come out and play,
You place your hand on mine.
Your head stays on the pillow next to me and your body under the sheets.
You have taught me unconditional love,
You are my best friend, my first love, and my baby.
You are my first child.

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