February 15, 2017
By Dandre BRONZE, Allentown, Pennsylvania
Dandre BRONZE, Allentown, Pennsylvania
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Imagination sits in the back of your mind, making up images to pass time. Always playful and so nice, in the worst times it can save the day. He's nice with black long hair with lots of friends all down the street. They its fun to play with him because of how nice he is. In your brain, he's waiting to make someone's day. 

While your pencil taps, taps away, imagination is pushing the gears in your brain filling it with color and life. Doing cartwheels and flips, he holds the key to your chidhood. The world loves to shun him, making him feel boring and rude. But imagination just grows stronger, for he's in everyone, even you.

Once u start to get older, people thinks imagintion goes away while the age is get's older, but it will stay in your brain forever. I grow in your mind from day to day, but remember i will always be with you in every which way.

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