February 15, 2017

 Worry always has red cheeks. She has long thick hair with bangs that cover her eyes. She is pale with black hair and blue eyes. She is always cautious waiting for the next bad thing to happen. She rarely has any friends but really most just feel bad for her. Her one real friend is anxiety. Most people think somethings wrong with her, Always glancing around with a frightful and tired look because of her amnesia. She can never sleep more than three hours a night. Worry does everything slow. She chews slowly so she doesn't choke, She drives slowly so she doesn't crash, She crosses the street slowly looking each way hundreds of times before crossing. Her friend Anxiety tries to help, but even he doesn't have a hold of his life. She won't even get near anyone she hasn't met. Worry will always be like this, and she just can't help it

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