February 15, 2017
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Your love,
My dove,
Is a little lonely love.
But, a little lonely love is lovely,
A love that soars above
The rest because it is from you
Your love…
But a rough,
And tough
Love is all you had to give...
A love that is horrifying
Cruel, angry,
Brutal, yet it’s satisfying
But please don’t go crying
For the love,
it seems you don’t feel.
Cause your love,
Was just some stuff
That now seems so lonely
But a little lonely love Is lovely,
When it’s a love for me.
All my lonely memories,
Everything you left, so empty.
But now my eyes have finally open,
Yes I have finally woken,
For your love is not as perfect
As I previously had spoken…
You left me broken.
No more hoping
That a love could ever come,
I stayed up crying,
I was hiding, always lying,
Outside I’m smiling,
but inside I’m dying,
Secretly praying
Someone would notice,
When you did I was happy,
Cause a little lonely love is lovely
But a patient loving love is more,
You finally find someone you adore,
When you never get bored,
What more could you ask for,
So I won’t close the door
On this love just yet,
Cause a little lonely love is lovely,
But when you loved me,
It’s was then I was happy
I live for your cruelty
But would die for sanity.
You sit proclaiming,
“I am staying” but you’re hesitating,
Within yourself you hide.
They always avoid the inner truth,
And believe in all my lies,
I’m fine…

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