Ode to Books

February 14, 2017
By , Pittsburgh, PA

Ode to Books 


Oh Books!

As I read through your pages, you take me on the most grandest journeys.

Opening doorways to new dimensions.

All the tattered pages and exquisite adventures, I've held you in my hands for more than any number in the world. 

Briniging me unknown emotions, delight, grief, bewilderness, and more.

The meaning you carry in my life, it's bigger than the Milky Way.

I see images flash by in my head, like I'm watching a movie. 

Without you, I probably wouldn't live.

Caught between two stools, which one to choose, which one to choose.


Words that carry me through light and dark.

Keeping me hooked till the end. 

Portals, traveling through time and space.

Plain covers hiding the majestic stories, like geodes.

You are comfort to me on rainy days or when I'm feeling down.

Always by my side, wherever and whenever I go. The shattered world will mend when everyone living and breathing reads you.

Desperate for information, I come to you,

Inside you are all the facts I could possibly need.

Camp fires, how evaporation works, canoes by the Mississippi River, anything that I can imagine- you have it all.


I can sense something in you that makes want to pick you up and start reading. 

Lined up in bookshelves in libraries, bookstores, soldiers, waiting to be called to duty to be read.

You hold pride and self-esteem on what your ancient pages are telling.

Some people might judge you on the quality of the shape you're in.

But I think that every book deserves a chance to prove them wrong.

That they are worthy and exciting to read as any other book.

Whenever I finish reading you, and I close your cover reluctantly, I come out of a trance I didn't even know I was in when I read you.

Devouring every little and fine detail you throw at me, I can paint a picture.

Red herrings is where I try to decipher your message that you're giving me, and when I think that I deciphered it- I realize that i have followed the wrong trail.

You have filled my boredom and overwhelmed me with the story you give me.


Oh, how I love you, books.

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