Not All Heroes Wear Capes

February 14, 2017

I am a superhero.
I don’t fly, I cant leap buildings, and I lack a flashy cape.
But trust me, I am a superhero.
When you were sitting alone eating lunch, watching the world go by without you, I was there to sit beside you and made you laugh with the words, “I like food too.”
And your laugh made me feel invincible.
While you were shifting from foot to foot, forgetting a speech in front of the class, I was there to whisper the lines in your ear.
And your relief made me feel incredible.
As you cried into your pillow at night and sent your pain out the the world-wide web, I was there to remind you how amazing you are.
And your embrace made me feel inundated.
I am your mother. I changed your diapers and rocked you through long, stressful nights wishing you would sleep so I could lay beside you for just a few peaceful hours.
I am your mother and I’ve watched you grow and blossom into a person I can be proud of.
I am your mother and I wish my love was enough to allow you to achive the person I wish you to become.
I am your mother, and all I wish for you, is happiness.
So when you’re pulling your hair out, stressing over a test, i will be there with the flashcards to help you study.
While you’re biting your nails before you’re acceptance letter comes in, I will be there to pat your back and cry with you tears of joy.
And as you grow to succeed your dreams, I will be there, to take care of you when you return.
I am a superhero.
I don’t fly, I can’t leap buildings, and I lack a flashy cape.
But you know, not all heroes wear capes.

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