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February 14, 2017
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There was a trickling creek. the beauty of cool clear water untouched by pollutants. cold rocks and stones, a pleasure to lounge in its waters. The wild where I live in Washington D.C. is murky and grey. no fish in its rivers no kids in its waters just foam and plastic as its occupants. The wild in the land of the free is dying captive of pollution, and the blindness of others. while in this city fame, and power is important, and money a necessity the most important thing you can have is Wild
The wild is disappearing, hope is being lost.
Animals are starving, encroaching on “Our lands” which are their lands of the past.
I am losing hope that we will recover from this unnatural armageddon of greed and technology. In New York Some will not set foot on cool sweet earth, as they go from home, to car, to work, to car, to home. they never connect with the land we came from, trapped like robots in industrial America never seeing the wonder of wild.
We are killing the system of natural cleansing. building over watersheds, diverting streams, paving our roads, and “landscaping” our earth. we cut down trees faster than we can plant them. hundred year old maple’s falling down for a house That will last ten.
we all want it all when some will get none. we don’t look at our kind as brethren but as enemies. We fight of religion when we preach love. throughout time there have been pioneers. Pioneers that steer us in the right way. But for us to become equal, to have the same rights to the same life.
we would not have it all. We are so out of touch with our old lives, the lives of our ancestors. We are living on fumes,
soon to run out.

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