The Game

February 14, 2017

The Game: complex–
The Game: eternal–
The Game: impossible to win.

The Game: covers the entire world–
The Game: results in self-annihilation–
The Game: a part of our society.

The Game says–
“I will reward you with friends?hip.”
But that "friends?hip" is a lie.
The Game wrenches your life into a puzzle piece–
So your empty shell will ?t into its satanic scheme.

The Game: it quietly

A knife in the heart–
A killer in the dark–
A demon in the soul–
Will destroy your volition and control–
If you let it.

This message I send to all who wish to hear it–

And yet you choose to play–
And yet you hate the pain–
And yet you praise its name–
And yet you play The Game.

So be what you want yourself to be–
Not what others want you to be–
And when your true colors shine–
The Game will have no power!

And you will see the creativity of the world–
And the world will see the creativity of you–
And the weights that weigh you down will melt away–
And you will be free from The Game!

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