My Name Is?

February 14, 2017

I’m a Killer I take lives like a thief I bring pain I bring sorrow and I bring tremendous amount of grief. I come out of nowhere but i stay lurking in the back of your mind. I’m constantly making you wonder is right now the right time.
I’m the the third leading cause of death in young people. I'll make you feel weak i can make you believe you have no voice and i will quiet you when you try to speak. People try to underestimate me like i don’t even exist. Treat me like i’m dramatic but the only ones who can understand are the ones who had it. Can you guess my name? You still don't know let me drop a few more hints. I’m the reason your smile doesn't show and the darkness begins to grow my first name is Depression my last name is Suicide.
I'll treat you like dirt not even dirt, i'll treat you like gravel because with dirt you believe you can grow but with gravel there is no hope. There is only one way i will be defeated the only thing that covers me and  scares me is light when i notice a little spec. I get nervous because i know you can fight. You're capable of finding this light it comes in form of love, joy, peace and happiness. But it will wrap around your mind tight and make you believe you can't have it.
Find that spec of light and sail on it through the storm like a ship out at sea. See how long the ocean of hope abandon me. This ocean is far wider and deeper than the human eye can see. I come in the devil and disguise. So friend maybe we have met before or maybe your time is coming but remember i'm as scared of you, as you are of me.  So sail into the ocean of hope and you too can be set free.

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