February 14, 2017

Her parents raised her good I am the girl who sometimes got lost, That girl used to mind her P’s and Q’s. Lately you can find me in a church pew on a Sunday morning this girl always seemed to be an outcast. On a saturday night she wanted to make memories that would last. I mean seriously what was so great about getting drunk and passing out and being super sick the next morning. Here is where things start getting bad. 
She wanted all the fun they could have on a saturday night. She thought about it and sat down with the devil and looked him in the eyes and said “I wanna play”. See her mom and dad thought that this innocent little baby of theirs has finally found her growth. So she goes to the party seventeen years young tasting the beer on her tongue little did she know there was a monster in her room she ignores the monster mistaking it for a nice man who never let the bottle leave her hand. The room started spinning and i started getting sick the man said “Here come with me real quick”.
Now we all know where this story could go but because of mine you don't have to know. I didn’t get permission i couldn't even say no. But understand this when you are intoxicated the devil runs the show don't label me a victim or look at me with sadness. Because i learned the day that Jesus Christ took on the cross he carried with him my baggage. Isaiah 40:29 says “ He gives strength to the weary and he increases power in the weak”. I'm not ashamed of my story anymore i was lost and i was found i was blind but now i see. My story was specially to give all the glory to God. 

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