Dear Stomach Fat

February 14, 2017

Dear Stomach Fat,
I know I shouldn’t be ashamed of you
I am supposed to love my body for what it is,
But I cannot help hating every second that we are together
You make me constantly conscious of:
My posture
My clothes
The people around me...
You make me spend time in the morning making my face,
Just so it can make up for your flaws
You make me hate going to:
The mall
The doctor
The pool
The beach
And even school.
I try to not care when children notice you,
And make a point to tell me you’re there
I try to not care when boys from my school
Yell to me on the street saying,
“ You’re fat.” or “ You hippo.”
I try not to care
When my own father calls me a pig
I want to stop eating just to get rid of you
But I know I can’t do that,
I just can’t resist food
You’re probably the reason my crush doesn’t like me back
And the reason that when people see you
They assume that I’m unhealthy
Eating everything in sight
Pounding away at candy, chips, and fast food
We don’t even have that kind of food in my home
So stomach fat
Could you please, kindly go burn in ----.
With hate, Sophie

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