February 14, 2017
By , Middleville, MI

The anger you’ve brought
By your dramatic acts that are indescribable
The joy you’ve shared
By making everything better and okay
The pain you’ve caused
By your stupid choices that are wrong
The love you’ve brought
By always being there and always caring
The confusion you’ve given
By giving such little effort to things that need it
The laughs you’ve given
By making dumb jokes that only we could understand
The fighting you’ve caused
By disagreeing about little things becoming large
The friendship you’ve shared
Unlike no other
Always strong, always fighting, always loving, always caring, always laughing

You’re depressed
You’re unhappy
You’re confused
You’re scarred
You’re lost
But you’re still the biggest blessing
You’ve still shown me true friendship

You’re searching
You’re happier
You’re trying
You’re understanding
You’re working
But you still make everyone’s day
You’ve cared when no one else has

You’re human
You’re perfect in every imperfect way
And that’s okay

All your flaws are the flaws of the world

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