The Death of Depression

February 14, 2017
By chillykidd BRONZE, Middlleville, Michigan
chillykidd BRONZE, Middlleville, Michigan
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The Death of Depression

Depression has died
But this is not something to be sad about
Although depression gave you some good times
Like that one day out of seven you felt like yourself
And the time you didn’t want to harm yourself

Depression has died
No more feeling like you are alone
No more feeling like you are worthless

Depression is dead
Now you are yourself all seven days instead of one
You will no longer feel the need to harm yourself
You now know that you are not alone
You now know your self worth

Depression is dead
But that doesn't mean it mean it didn’t leave an imprint in your head
Seven days turns to six then to five
As you remember that your old friend has died
And you slowly forget what it feels like to be alive

Depression is not dead
It has come back for you
Depression can never die
Depression will always be alive

But depression doesn’t control if you will live or if you will die
Because depression is a part of you
And you are the one who controls you
I know how hard things can get
When you feel alone
When you feel worthless
When you feel like all you can do is sit in your room and cry
And the only thing you wish for is to die

But that is not you

The author's comments:

This piece is to show people strugling with depression that there are others who have gone through what you are going through. It is also erging those people to get help if they are to the point where they need it. 

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