The Summer I Turned 14

February 14, 2017

End of August,

blazing sun, beating down on our tan, bare backs.


“Race you!”
he blurts out, scrambling to the water’s edge.


I jump onto my callused feet,
and sprint across the scorching hot sand to
meet him in the
icy, playful waves.


We scream out in youthful joy
as the burning cold ocean collides with our shins,
swiftly adjusting to the shockingly cold water.


The seaweed dances with the ocean, and
we throw it on our heads, trying on different hairdos.
The free laughter rings through the salty air.


Glancing down at my 10 year old brother,
watching him gambol in the waves,
I realize we will not be young forever.


Enjoy the water while you can…


I fall backwards, plunging myself into
the oncoming wave,

Embracing the last of my childhood.

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