Life of Baseball

February 14, 2017
By DStro BRONZE, Canton, Illinois
DStro BRONZE, Canton, Illinois
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Baseball is a lot like life
There are many new lessons to be learned
In baseball
If you strike out
You always get another at bat
Just like in life
If you fail at first
There’s always another day

Everyone has bad days
Just like all ballplayers have bad games
Every day
Every game
Is another chance to make something happen
It only takes one pitch to change the game
So the fear of striking
shouldn’t stop you from hitting a home run

A good hitter in baseball fails 7 out of 10 times
It takes failure to get to success
If you don’t fail a few times
Then you’re not trying
The reaction to failure makes or breaks you
Don’t let it break you
Learn from it
Get back up
And learn from it

One day
Life with throw you your perfect pitch
And when it comes
Don’t be scared to strikeout
Have confidence in yourself to hit the homerun
But if you do strikeout
Learn from it
And come back ready to succeed

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