~ Better Days

February 14, 2017

I'll buy a rose for each girl I know. I pass the halls like I used to know. What is life? That’s what they say, no religion in place all different they want to find a world with no mistakes. Blinded by The weeks, you can't retweet. I say I want to be free, living in society with diaries of what they see. Giving my honesty full of apologizes. We fight so pretty when you lie, telling us what they want us to know. I stopped paying attention because I pay respect to those. You think you know me? I did this with a purpose Alone, it’s already starting to show. You guys aren't even coming close. Scared to see, to live in a moment where being zoned by a friend was labeled as nothing' more. They want to find a good guy, not a bad boy but you friended all of them, like a bat that was blinded that couldn't see far. I'm done.

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