~ Still Here

February 14, 2017

After hours, minutes elapse. It's late night, I can't put these feelings in a wood box, they are all my thoughts. I embrace all of my memories . Not letting go. I am doing this alone I want to fight for everything to make me a better person than I was before. Improving by my mistakes, trying to be a better man just to see myself grow. We got days that we have highs & lows. I build upon, teaching things I know. I struggle everyday, but I'm better than I've ever been before. Understand where I'm coming from. I became lost in my ways, memories that won't fade away, sitting here for days, I always stayed. How can I ever feel complete when all I ever needed was you here with me. It was the time of my life. Minds change differently as seconds go by. Maybe I will find you in another life, when I am alone I like to think that I am in another world with you, maybe staring at your eyes, Maybe holding you tight, smiling at you, maybe we are together, maybe is a strong word. Maybe.

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