~ Through My Eyes

February 14, 2017
By theperezgallery PLATINUM, Goshen IN , Indiana
theperezgallery PLATINUM, Goshen IN , Indiana
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| Through my eyes |

A shadow of darkness all around, isolated trying to find my way out. A glimpse of light stood in front of my eyes. My heart feels no pain as the scares started to fade away. I followed you with my heart. Only to gaze upon your light shining brighter than a billion stars. Dancing around, Trying to catch you & cherish as you sail up in the clouds. I want to hold you but you slip right through my arms. So authentic, So unique, no words to describe you as I seek, your heart of gold. You're worth more than my world, deep of emotions like the ocean floors. As I stare at you I get lost in for days, your beauty structs me as all my worries in life go away, I smile, it's the most precious thing i've ever seen as it makes my day. It guides me in the direction that I should go towards. Memories flashing vividly before my eyes, moving forward. You having my missing pieces in life, going together as the time went by, giving me the greatest advice it made my life. You made me better as you stood by my side. All our stories will always stay to be a part of me, we both have history as both of us were such a mystery. I'll remember everything through my eyes as the moments pass by. Whispers out in the open it was the thrill that was unspoken. Words taking me to a different place in time only to see the past black & white, that I wish I could rewind. As I see my life just to feel a couple things twice. Drops began to lie as the clouds began to cry. Gently holding you close, feeling your warmth knowing how much you're truly worth. You spoke lightly lifting my soul. Scared to fall deeply in a sleep without a dream. Until I met you as all my fears began to disappear. Stay, don't go away. My only night light shining so bright. so precious from the start. As we both lie underneath the same sky. If it wasn't for you then I wouldn't knew what I would do. So Different in every aspect, Shining through the darkness of beauty that surrounds us all. Trying to find one another as we were meant for each other.

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