~ Run Forest

February 14, 2017

~ Run Forest ( Bonus )
Climbing mountains, stepping on stones. The love in within, moving forward. Pushing through rocks, it was the dust of stars that made Forest stood out from all. Running cleared the mind, taking every step. To approach the finish line. Reminding me of the moon just to stay up late to see that one star I would talk to all day. They were around the sky but that star was nothing like the rest. Strong & bright like moon that was beside. I hugged the night so tight, Forest couldn't be define. Each time I was on top of my roof I looked at the moon & that one star closes to one another. The sun got jealous because I stared at them longer. Moving the waves of the ocean it was how the earth move around its motion. Leaving the lights off, I see through my window just to see that star up in the sky with the moon holding it in its hands telling me that morning is coming. I say to them goodnight hold that star tight as the sky lets out its light. - To my moon & my star.

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