~ Confessions ll

February 14, 2017

~ Confessions ll
People have me on a hit list. I burn everything they say like a bonfire. Take shots, I rewire, reload, add another clipping for two, AK-47 you never tell the truth. My youth makes me reminisce of you. We can walk to the park make our Initials on tree bark. We can talk after dark, I get on your nerves so I can't write a verse. I hit it with that poetry maybe it will work. Its alright, I say it twice, just to leave things at its worst. People relate to that, maybe thats how life works. Dad says why do I write, I won't change a life, I'm wasting my time. I’m changing the world one word at a time, maybe inspiring others to find. I cross the line, " like who am I? " I hope he can swim, a pool full of pirañas trying to survive. This is a lesson, people keep guessing.

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