~ At Your Touch

February 14, 2017

~ At Your Touch
Tell me. What would the world be if I didn't have your hand right next to me? Look at those eyes. I can stare at them for hours without saying good-bye. Tell me. Do you love me? Will you always stay when I need you the most? What do you miss about me? Do you still think about me? Tell me. Music playing in our heads, time froze. In a black hole, falling endlessly into darkness, turning into a shadow. Unable to reach from up above. Nothing to hold, slowly beating, echoing vanishing away. Leaving as I let go of my emotion, full of thoughts. What did this all mean? Stories of memories drifting off. Timeless with no feeling attached. Falling behind, look up as people walk by, taking my place, "times up." Having a shot, thinking it would last forever. Nothing in life comes together. Losing it all, watching as it all crumbles down like a sand castle. The music replayed. Cold, hearing the voice, feeling warmth. What I would give the world to hold you close once more. Hitting the ground suddenly, as everything around me blacked out.

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