~ Dawn Interlude

February 14, 2017

~ Dawn Interlude
He appeared walking beside me. "You've changed."
-Tell me if the same things happened to you, try & stay the same.
"Everything in life is based on perspective in life, it's just how you look at things around you."
-Nothing about it makes sense why was it a part of me? Why do I still miss it? Why?
"Nobody understands why sometimes things are in front of us maybe when the time comes you'll know. It's alright to be sad at times. We have bad days. All we can really say is " I wish you the best & all the love as always," because everybody needs to be reminded that things won't go our way. Now people know why everyday. Have you ever been In Love? So In Love that made you go out of your way? So In love that it made you shake, so In Love that it brought tear drops to your face? That made you run away? But it was a world with mistakes. Because no world is perfect. A perfect match maybe that's why it burned out so fast. A second chance? Nobody would know how it would of turned out. Life is unpredictable, can you see it?

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