Plethora of Color

February 13, 2017
By Puffy21 BRONZE, Fort Worth , Texas
Puffy21 BRONZE, Fort Worth , Texas
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Crimson red marks stain my sheets
Sheets that I lay on, dreaming
But now, red scratches tear at the fabric, bleeding
And I just lay in them still
Lay on them and ignore the blood
Ignore the red
Because my pillow whispers blue
Blue lies that I'm not good enough,
Are they not lies, just reasons why I shouldn't trust myself?
Blue phrases that echo from my pillow to my ear while I sleep.
Whispered words that slowly melt away at my ears
But I ignore the honey glazed blue words
Because purple suffocates me under a blanket
Grips my chest and pushes the air from my lungs
Purple winds itself around my waist, squeezing tighter, breaking ribs and bruising organs.
Purple makes it's way up to my neck and holds it in place, veins pulsing against its mellow color.
But I ignore Purple's ruthless attempts at murder
Because I have Green that holds me above the ground with my mattress.
Green that keeps me high tempting me to roll off
The drop is small, but green is just teaching me for future reference.
Green pulls my body into himself, holding me hostage
Only Green can have me he says,
Green devours me, then pushes me off again, and again.
But I ignore Green's tempting call of 'falling off'
For I have a different color
It feels warm
It wants me near
Its like a rainbow filtered through a shattered window,
Or like a drop of water on a computer screen.
Pixelated, yet smooth.
It calming, I can breathe now, I can think now.

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