The Way You Treat Me

February 13, 2017
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The way you treat me
It’s unfair
I’m a human being
You’re a human being
Well, were all the same
And you need to see that
We are equals
We both have Right’s
And my right is to stand against you
To use my voice
That has been locked away
I am tired of
The way you treat me.

The way you treat me,
like the dirt on the bottom of your shoe
That you carried in from the ground outside
The way you're all nice to me
One minute and the next
The way you treat me
You’re two-faced when we’re in school
You always tell me
“I can’t be seen with you.”
Because it would label you an outcast
What’s wrong with being different
None of us are the same.
You can be like everyone else
But me, I’m a leader!
I will follow no one.
And you need to understand that
The way you treat me
I shouldn’t be seen at school with you
I can’t believe I allowed you to make me question my identity!
I’m tired of you
Trying to change me
I’m perfect the way I am.

You tried to change
My clothes, my hair
My personality, the way I look
The way I talk
You tried to make me wear contacts
Because you said, “Those glasses make you look dorky.”
You tried to make we wear makeup
Because you said I was ugly
I am not ugly!
Nobody is!
I am far from ugly
You might not see it
But I am beautiful!

The way you treated me left its mark
The way you pushed, shoved, kicked, and punched me…
It wasn’t physical but it hurt nonetheless.
Through it all I showed you NO FEAR!
I did not cry, I took the hits you threw my way
To prove to you that I am not weak
I am not afraid, not anymore
I will not cut this
Precious, beautiful, wonderful skin
Of mine
To please you
I will not satisfy your desire
Because you do not have power over me
I win and you lose
I am not going to shed a tear
I am not going to weep
Or go tell on you
I will not fight back
But I will stand against you
I am done with the way you treated me
I will not eat my lunch in the girls’ restroom
Just to avoid you
I will hold my head up high
And prove to you that I am right
I’m a winner!

The way you treated me
You said that I was not worthy
I will show you worthy
You said I wasn’t worthy of you
But the truth is
I am a queen AND king
I am my own Royal Court
I am my own kingdom
So tell me that I am not worthy!
I DARE you to!
I am worthy to myself
Screw you!

And if you’re afraid
That I am going to tell everybody
Your secrets
The way you did to ME
I will never stoop down to your level
You said I was never good enough
You said I was a size too big
For you
Why does my size matter
It is none of your business
You say “You are Fat”
Because I eat the same food everyday
While you’re over their stuffing
Your face with chocolate bars.
So let me tell you something
I am not OBESE nor do I have an EATING DISORDER
I am average
But I might not be “NORMAL”
Because this “Normal” you want me to be
Is boring B-o-r-i-n-g, boring.

The way you treated me

The way you treated me
Today, tomorrow, and forever
You are done with
The way you treated me
It is over!
Today, tomorrow, and forever
I will stand against you for

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willowblaire said...
Mar. 3, 2017 at 1:28 pm
I have no idea who you are, but if I could reach through my computer, I would applaud you and give you a huge hug! This poem was very well written, and you made me feel the urge to stand up to others who are butt heads like the boy in this piece. Normally I just like poems that I read, but I voted for yours because I actually DID like it. Well done!!
daydreamer67 replied...
today at 3:27 pm
Thank you so much. I really appreciate it. I means a lot that people can read my poems because they mean a lot to me. They are a Part of me. So thank you again. You just made my day, my week, my month, my year. So thank you. :)
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