From a Lake to a Ocean

February 8, 2017

Tears fell as you ran to the lake,

heart shattered.

No one was there to pick up the pieces.

No one was there to pick them up for you.

They were just left there

as people stepped around them,

to avoid hurting themselves with the sharp fragments.

Your heart is like glass.

You stare at your reflection,

hoping it smiles back at you,

wishing it would tell you your future.

But instead,

you see your messed up make up

from when you found out you were not the one.

You have cried and you kept crying

all night.

You wake up to a tear stained face,

surrounded by water.

You are on a small plot of land.

You don’t know where you are.

You put your foot in the water to decide the depth.

Then hands push you and you fall in.

You don’t know how to swim.

No one teaches you how to swim in heart break.

You struggle and fight.

You begin to taste the salt.

As the water fills your lungs,

you also taste sorrow and pain.

Then you drown.

But before your life ends,

you realize it.

You cried an ocean.

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