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February 8, 2017
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I’m not nice,
No, I’m quite sick.
I’m the bad guy
making your fear drip…
It’s easy to say for me,
Because I have no shame.
I’m in it for the money,
I’m in it for the fame.
There’s days when I wanna give in,
Though it’s hard to be a saint
When you’re full of sin.
Lately, I’ve been thinking;
How could doing wrong
Feel so right?
But there’s no turning around,
And why would I ever think to go back
When it feels so good to be bad?
Let’s face it here and now,
Everybody wants to be like me.
The villain is the one
That you came to see.
I’m sick of all the good guys
Saving the day!
After all, the villain always wins
When the hero’s away.

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