This is Everything

February 8, 2017

The girl lied about who she was and then acted like she didn’t
I was with my friends when she did this
She told earlier that day that she liked me
And when she heard that I told my friend she freaked
She came to my table at lunch and started going off on me
I was confused until I started to understand
She said that she liked me because she was dared
So when she heard that I told someone she had to do something
She had to make it look like she had never said it
But what she didn’t realize was that one of her friends recorded it
They put on facebook and youtube
The next day at school people started to make fun of her
At first I didn’t want to help her because she knew before she did this that I liked her
But after I saw how much it hurt her
I realized that she’s paying worse than she should for doing what she did
So when we went to lunch I walked up to her and asked her to sit with me and my friends
My friends were angry at me
But they knew that I was way too nice to not help her
So she sat with us and we started to talk
At first it was kind of weird
I mean we were part of two totally different worlds
But once we started to get comfortable we discovered that we were very alike
The thing that made us different was that I was the biggest emo kid ever and she was popular
But aside from that we were very alike
She even admitted that she wasn’t lying when she said she liked me
She just doesn’t want anyone to know
If her family found out she waspansexual they would freak
We all laughed because we knew that feeling very well
But we also knew that some people can’t handle the stress that comes with everyone knowing
When lunch was over we walked to class together
I made sure my friends swore not to tell anyone what she told us
And surprisingly they agreed and didn’t say anything
From that day on we were friends and ate lunch together
We became so close that I met her parents and she met mine
Eventually everything blew over but things didn’t go back to how they were
Me and her started to secretly date
And she eventually told her parents that she was pan
And they figured out we were dating but they were cool with us dating
Come to find out that her parents kind of figured we were more than friends
And they said they liked me over any boy in the world
We are still dating
We’ve been together for 3 years next month and we’re very happy

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