Mad Hatter

February 8, 2017
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So what if I’m crazy?
                           I think it's fun.
I see the noises
                                                                                 And taste the colors.
                                      u  p                         
                                   I j  m   across rooftops,
And shimmy down pipes.
                            Well yeah,
             I’ve got a few loose screws.
                                      But yah need to . . .ahhh….  l  oo   se  n UP,
Or life won't have a certain…


I am my own crazy,
                                                           Different from the average psychopath or sociopath.
                          I don’t plan murders in my head,
                             Or acts of terror.
Instead I think of…
                              Slamming into walls,
    How to break out of a locked room
                                                                 If someone were ever sent to kill me.
                                          Or tumbling over fences,
                                                        And how to interrogate someone
With a tooth pick.

                               So what if I’m crazy?
                                                                                                        The best people are!
                                      I find that my mental situation increases my humor
Heightens my thought process
                              And even improves my writing.
                                                                 But I guess that it might seem CrAZy,
Or just downright InSaNE!
                                                But hey,
                                                                   My thinking is an acquired taste.
Don’t try to play crazy with me,
                                                 I’m better at it.

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