February 8, 2017
By bmwilliams1 BRONZE, Simms, Texas
bmwilliams1 BRONZE, Simms, Texas
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Cold, numb, no feeling in my heart,
The world has taken my innocence little by little,
I walk the halls with no emotion,
Along with everyone who had their innocence taken away,
This world´s a dark place and we try to cover that up with happy songs and fake smiles
But deep down we know it’s tears at 3AM, broken promises, and dreams we once believed could really come true,
But eventually you reach an age where happiness is rare and darkness is alive and well
We seek true smiles more than we seek money and fame, but normally us chasing money and fame is what leads us into the darkness
We’re stuck in a world where we’re alive but feel dead when all we really want is to be dead and finally feel alive,
Some people call that a beautiful irony, I just call it hell


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