The everyday fight

February 21, 2017

Greasy long hair
biting my skin
Your sharp fingernails
scratching the surface of slimy water
It will consume you
You’re disappearing
Slipping beneath
the dark waves
The sea of your hate
You plead for my help
Then lunge for my ankles
But you can’t drag me in too
I toss aside your ripped green envelope
And dirty white sneakers
I will not cry for you
I will not fight with you
I take a breath
And turn to the blue pines
on a cloudless day
Cobblestones strewn with
Raspberries and aged pages
A dove flies in my skies
But vultures are circling in yours
Waiting for your end
Throw your shattered glass,
I will not care
You leave headless stuffed animals in your wake
But I will stitch them up
With soft white thread
And emblazon them with a small red sun

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