February 21, 2017
By , Oconomowoc, WI

I remember the time when
I didn’t have a social media account.
I had loads of friends,
but now all I have are “likes” on a post
with some inaccurate caption, saying
“Life’s Great!” with smiley faces at the end
to make sure my followers know that I’m doing well.

When in actuality that is pretty far off.
I check my “feed” constantly-
Who just “tweeted” me?
Who just “posted”?
Is there a new update?
It’s a faster way of communication,
But unfortunately inaccurate.

You “shared” I was cheating on my boyfriend.
He believed you and broke up with me
over text.
Two frowny faces.

You said that I was having troubles at my house,
That lead to an investigation.
You called me fat- You’re wrong.
You called me stupid for not seeing the signs- You’re wrong.

You have to be wrong.
Do you begin your hate mails with insults
and end them with threats?

The worst part of you lurking around
is by far the name you call yourself.
Because the name is bound to every comment.
You could be no one or everyone.


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