February 21, 2017
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The sun rises in the east
And sets in the west
The wonderful physique
Of the Earth revolves again.

But at night secrets are chanted
As the darkness consumes me,
Yet again
Pulling me back into the memories
Thought to be long forgotten.

And within that instance
The shadows creep upon my soul
As I remember one key detail
Of a past life.

One sniff,
One puff,
One hinder,
Could’ve ended my life.

My friends?
Peeled away like a scratch off
On a winning lotto,
Alay to waste.

The intoxicating nicotine that once swarmed me
Now consumes me,
Cascading a never-ending shower
Of a failed reality turned dreams.

As dusk meets dawn
I emerge anew
My shadows however,
Follow behind me
Taunting me of past long gone

If only I had known
My would consist
Of a burnt lisp
And a pool of ashes
As a constant reminder
Of who I’ve lost.

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