love poem

February 20, 2017
By , ellenboro, NC

This is for you,
This is from me,
My love should last an eternity,
If it doesn't then you may pardon me,
But I'm being sincere about eternity,
For I am yours, no matter what, as everyone can see,
I’ll wait for you forever and a day, for my lovers choice is not decided by me nor you,
You probably don't care that I wrought this for you but the time it takes is worth forever. and forever is what I’d say my love will last for you,
You won’t ever love me and even if you do, it wont be the way I do but thats not really up to you,
For love they say is a chemical, I wouldn't agree but seeing you is like an explosion of my mind because how can something so great be?
When I say I’ll wait, I don't mean till your 16, I mean till your 33, I mean I’d wait forever,
I may annoy you and every body and your eyes can say every thing about you but I hope you know my intentions are good and for you they should.
If you wanted me to change a little I would but you said to stay the same even if I don't think that I should,
You're my fire, my love, my life, I don't care if we’re together but If you'll let me, I’ll always be by your side,
No matter what people say words can’t compare, I love you , everything from your face, your hair, to the shoes you wear,
So if I must wait forever, that is fine because my heart is yours, and you make me lose my mind.

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