Whats the Difference

February 20, 2017
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He loves me! He loves me not! He loves me! He loves me Not at all.
That is how you make me feel:
Like I am not loved just because I love unlike you.
What is the difference?
To love a man or a woman, it is still the same charismatic feeling
This same feeling is still carried out by my limbic system.
What is the difference?
Me marring the one I love, I do! I do! Are still the words spoken at the altar!
….At the same altar that Danny got the gay prayed away.
….At the altar that says men shall not lay with men and women shall not lay with women.
So it’s okay for you to go to bed with the one you love but not me!
What’s the difference?
Leviticus! Leviticus! He shouts at the dinner table as he eats his catfish dinner and is in the same house as his wife while she is on her cycle! 
LEVITICUS! LEVITICUS! As he cheats on his wife
What is the difference!
How would you feel if you were deprived of your GOD GIVEN RIGHT to be happy!
It’s written in the constitution….the pursuit of happiness! The happiness that I try to
Pursue every day of my life but am bashed and beaten to the ground because my happiness isn’t right!
What is the difference?
What a fag! I know, I’m smokin’; you didn’t have to let the whole school know!
What is the difference?
Aren’t we all homos?
all Homo-sapiens?
…..All from the same biological evolution of life?
…..All bred from a sperm and egg!
All given the breath of life from the same almighty GOD! That knows our destiny before we even open our eyes to see this world full of hatred!
From the same God that said Love thy Neighbor!
Turn the other cheek!
So what is the difference?

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